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What if I told you that by using a new method of Discovery Cold Calls, you could avoid selling, promoting, branding and marketing . . . but still qualify and dis-qualify leads? The information you can collect will give your company valuable market intelligence and show you precisely which decision makers to pursue for new business.

This great method of reaching into your marketplace will help you identify potential sales opportunities by asking the right open-ended questions for strong market results. Discovery Cold Calls has profoundly influenced sales lead generation and new business development for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Using this method and other information gathering skills, you can enhance the value of your marketing and sales database and create a stronger pre-sales support program that will ensure better sales figures for years to come.

As Founder and Owner of Cold Call King, LLC, I'm known as the go-to guy for getting your job done. I'm an authority in the cold call business, lecturer, and educator in the area of business-to-business cold calling. Now, I'm willing to share my expertise with you:

  • Cold Calling Services
  • Train your inside sales staff
  • Consult with your regular sales staff
  • Consult with you to set-up or clean up your own teleprospecting programs.

Interested in learning more? Give me a call for a FREE one-hour session to discuss your new business development and teleprospecting needs. In this session you'll:

  • Listen in on a cold call to your marketplace
  • Review your existing program
  • Talk about your inside sales goals
  • Discuss how I can help you

You're here because you know you need a change. The Cold Call King has worked with hundreds of companies over many years, helping them to implement new, cost effective sales lead generation programs that in turn enables them to grow their businesses.

Call me today for your complimentary session: (303) 954.8553.


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