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Featuring the  “Get In The Door, Stay In The Door”  Sales System® created by The Cold Call King.  “Get In The Door, Stay In The Door” is a sales development system designed to get your foot in the right door and in front of the right decision maker at the right time. This is a proven sales process that will help sales representatives identify many more clients and generate much more sales revenue.   Why?  Because this sales development system is a relationship based program created to connect with the decision makers.  Even though it is business the Cold Call King recognizes that we are dealing with people , so it is personal and that we must specialize in interpersonal communications.  Again, the key to any type of selling is to connect with the other person as a person.  It is not about what you say rather how you say it.  And, people do not remember what you say or remember what you do…..they remember how you made them feel.  At the Cold Cal King, our intent is to make the other person feel appreciated, respected, important, and valued.


The “ Get In The Door, Stay In The Door”  Sales Development System is created on the merit that there is no reason to sell on the telephone.  The numbers tell us that on an average out of every one hundred conversations with the right decision maker that approximately ninety will say “ No Interest “ and that leaves ten that will say “ Maybe, I am interested “.  And, out of the decision makers that are not interested there are some that are permanently not interested and there are some that are temporarily not interested.  The key is to be able to make that distinction and follow-up accordingly.  And, out of the decision makers that suggest that there is a genuine interest in purchasing and switching to the proposed solution/ service there are some that are ready to purchase now and some that are interested in purchasing in the future.  Again, another key to generating new business is to be able to distinguish who to follow up on and who not.  Again, as we know, one of the biggest mistakes that sales people make is spending too much time and too much resources on decision makers that will never purchase from them.  By not attempting to sell but instead to qualify/ dis-qualify by asking open ended question will allow you to collect the right information.  This information will provide the market intelligence necessary to give us the knowledge that we depend on to determine which decision makers to pursue and which ones not.

The money is in the numbers and knowing what to do when you have a decision maker on the phone.


The primary differentiator between the Cold Call King Consulting Firm and all other Sales Consulting Firms is that all other consulting firms teach what to say and what to do when you have a prospective sales opportunity.  And, at the Cold Call King we teach you how to identify potential sales opportunity and hand it off to a Sales Representative or a Product Specialist.  Generally  a pre-sales account executive will identify a prospective sales opportunity and then schedule a telephone sales appointment between the sales representative and the sales prospect.


Another key differentiator from all other sales consulting firms is that at the Cold Call King we do not teach you to sell on the telephone.  Instead, we teach that the key to developing sales opportunities is to collect information by asking open ended questions.  At the Cold Call King, we refer to this process as Discovery Calling.  It doesn’t matter if it is a cold call or a follow-up call the key to the sales call is to qualify and dis-qualify the decision maker by asking Discovery Questions that begin  with what, when, why, where, which, who and how.  On Discovery Calling there is no branding, no promoting, no marketing and no selling.  Strictly qualifying and dis-qualifying the decision makers by collecting key market intelligence.  This will provide the necessary knowledge to determine which decision makers to pursue for new business and which ones not to penetrate for new business.  The following is also covered in our consulting services:    Discovery Connection, Discovery Engagement, Discovery Dis-Qualification,  and a Discovery Prospect.


Another differentiator from all other sales consulting firms is that when the Cold Call King refers to sales lead generation we are referring to outbound sales lead generation.  And , specifically we are addressing email messaging, direct mail messaging and telephone messaging.  And, we are not referring to mass marketing or random marketing programs.  Each and every outbound message is targeted and custom designed for the specific decision maker to receive individually.  At the Cold Call King we refer to this concept as Integrated Messaging.  We teach that there is no substitute for live contact with a decision maker, but we are able to get our foot in the door by sending the right message to the right decision maker at the right time.


At the Cold Call King the new business development and  sales development strategies that we implement for our clients come from the following marketing concepts:  Direct Marketing, Target Marketing, Database Marketing, Integrated Messaging and Tele-prospecting.  We refer to this role as a production role executed by a Pre-sales Account Executive coached by the Cold Call King.  This professional is able to execute a high level of interpersonal communication through verbal and written communication.


Again, the numbers dictate that we stop selling on the phone.  Instead,  the purpose of each cold call should be to qualify any interest in purchasing your solution.  On an average, For every ten outbound cold calls made to a decision maker most only will reach one decision maker.  That is right.  That means that nine times you will either reach a voice mail or a receptionist/ administrative assistant/ etc.  And, we are suggesting that you better be qualifying that decision maker during that one engaged conversation with a decision maker.  At the Cold Call King we refer to this as a Discovery Engagement which takes place exclusively with a decision maker.  This decision maker must have the authority to make a final decision.


At the Cold Call King, we teach that you should attempt to qualify any person that answers the telephone.  No matter who it is that answers the phone.  Your intent is to ask the right open ended questions in order to qualify any interest in the company purchasing your solution.  We refer to this as a Discovery Connection with perhaps a decision influencer of information gatherer but not the decision maker.  You are still able to discover key information and to identify any sales developments in order to uncover any real sales opportunities.

The Cold Call King will provide the New Business Development Production Services remotely in order to generate sales opportunities for your sales team.  The client is responsible for a  $5,000.00 retainer.  In return, the client will receive $50,000.00 worth of proposed Managed Services.  The client is also responsible for purchasing all of the materials for the new business development program.  So, as long as the Cold Call King provides an opportunity for you to propose your consulting services.  No matter if you are awarded the sales opportunity or not, then the Cold Call King will receive 10% for identifying the potential sales opportunity.  The estimated time of completion depends on a variety of variables and will be discussed in detail before the sales development project begins.

The production services include list allocation, list analysis, prospect profiling, creation and distribution of email messages, creation and distribution of custom greeting card, and creation and distribution of telephone voice mail message.  Also, includes tele-prospecting calls to identify contact information and to provide follow up.


At the Cold Call King, we teach that identifying  a no interest is as valuable as finding out there is an interest.  The key is to find out if it is a permanent-no interest or a temporary-no interest.  And , this is done by asking the right open ended questions.  Again, we live and die by the numbers.  On an average, for every one hundred conversations with the right decision maker, there will be approximately ninety no’s and ten yes’s.  So, we teach that the pre-sales tele-specialist should go into the call expecting to hear a no.

The key is to continue to ask the open ended questions so that you can differentiate between the types of no’s.  The Cold Call King refers to this as the PROCESS OF ELIMINATION.  The key is to identify and  eliminate the decision makers that will never ever purchase from you.  These companies are what we refer to as OFFICIALLY DIS-QUALIFIED and they will never receive any attention again.  Remember, one of the biggest mistakes that sales representatives make is to call on the wrong decision maker or a decision maker that will never purchase.


At the Cold Call King we teach that the follow- up is not an option.  We know and teach that follow up is responsible for most new sales.  We Know that less than more of the new business deals close sooner than later.  Meaning that most sales happen in the future and demand a certain amount of follow- up in order to retain active communication with the decision maker.  We refer to this concept as PROSPECT RETENTION and again it is a huge part of new business development.  We all know all too well that very seldom will the decision makers reach out to the sales representative.  So, the pre-sales tele-specialist is forced to take excellent notes and find out the key dates to follow-up and why.


During these Discovery Calls the entire focus it to collect information.  Regardless of what you were told or tought, at the Cold Call King we do not sell, promote, posture, position, brand or market while engaged with the decision maker over the telephone.  Again, we used open-ended and closed ended questions strategically positioned one after another with the intent to complete the SUSPECT PROFILE.  The profile is not complete until we have all the answers to what, where, when, why, which, who and how.  When you have the answers the questions that begin with these words then you will have completed the SUSPECT PROFILE.


As the Founder and Owner of Cold Call King, I'm known as the subject matter expert in Business-to-Business New Business Development.   I'm an authority in the  business of generating new business.  And a lecturer, and educator in the area of business-to-business new business development. Now, I'm willing to share my expertise with you:

  • Sales Prospect Profiling
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Sales Prospect Retention


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